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Shooting Drills - Using the Pump Fake - Online Basketball Drills

If you pump fake and still have your dribble alive – use it. The most difficult shot in basketball is the one that you just pumpfaked, so either find a different shot to take or pass the ball off to a teammate. Too simulate a game situation, try facing away from the rim and pivoting forward and then executing the move.

How to Do a Pump Fake | Basketball Moves - YouTube

Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLALQuK1NDrhSQ6eda6a6jSwrNuKi5rJh--Like these Basketball Tutorials !!! Check out the official app http:...

How to Use a Pump Fake | Youth Basketball Drills | Pro Skills ...

This is our Youth Basketball Drills & Skills series. This episode is showcasing the pump fake. Watch to learn about this basketball drill that is great for y...

How to Master The Perfect Pump Fake: Basketball Moves For ...

How to Master The Perfect Pump Fake: Basketball Moves For BeginnersFree Scoring Workout: http://bit.ly/2wj20sNIn today's video I give you 3 Pro level tips to...

How to Master the Pump Fake in Basketball (5-Step Guide)

The pump fake is one of the simplest yet most effective moves in basketball. When you boil it down, a pump fake is simply a fake shot. But while it sounds simple, its effects can be devastating. The pump fake has been used in the game of basketball for many years.

Pump Fake and Attack Drill - YouTube

This is a great basketball drill to work on your pump fake and a few good moves to get your shot off. The drill is best if you have a shooting gun or a partn...

Ball Fake Drill - Online Basketball Drills

-“ Player 2 squares up, makes a pump fake, takes one dribble into the key and shoots a short jumper. Player 1 rebounds the shot and prepares to pass to Player 2 again -“ Player 2 slides back across the key to the left elbow, where he receives the pass and repeats the pump fake, dribble, and shoot sequence

Jab, Pump and Go Triple Threat Drill - Online Basketball Drills

Start on the right wing in the triple threat, then jab step with your right foot. Step back and pump fake, selling the shot. Explode out of the triple threat with a hard dribble. Finish strong at the rim with a right handed layup. Grab the rebound and sprint out to the wing to do it again.

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